Tank MIX

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Build the best military equipment in the Universe to fight the aliens from outer space!

Connect tanks and get more powerful tanks.
Add them to the battlefield and they will destroy the alien ships themselves!
Don't forget to use the amps!

What else:
- Collect a collection of alien ships and get crystals
- Participate in PVP tournaments
- Get rewards for achievements
- Catch drones and get extra bonuses

The goal of the game is to create new types of tanks by merging their previous modifications.
To merge two tanks, you need to drag one of them onto the other. Only tanks of the same level are merged.
To place a tank on the battlefield, drag it with your finger. Tanks on the battlefield automatically drive and shoot at alien ships. For each hit, coins are rewarded, which can be spent on buying of already studied tank models.
Get various boosters from flying drones or buy them in the Shop.